RAGBRAI Kid’s Art Contest

During the week of May 20th, Deb Finney, Fairfield Community Schools Elementary Art Instructor, administered a coloring contest, partnering with local RAGBRAI committee members.

RAGBRAI sponsors this contest, with a grand prize of $350 for the overall statewide winner. The contest consisted of having the kids color a copy of the logo representing the theme for Fairfield, “Geared for Weird”. There were over 500 entries from local students ranging from kindergarten through fourth grade, at the two elementary buildings, Washington and Pence.
Madilyn Cox, a third grade student at Pence was selected as the local winner. Her drawing has earned her a free “Geared for Weird” t-shirt, and her drawing will be given to the RAGBRAI director in June to be entered in the statewide contest.
Fairfield RAGBRAI committee members would like to thank the Fairfield Community School District for supporting the Kid’s Art Contest. A special thank you to Deb Finney for taking the time to execute the contest. Congratulations to our local winner, Madilyn Cox!