Become a Volunteer

We need your help!

Are you interested in volunteering when RAGBRAI comes to Fairfield?  We still need many volunteers to make our event successful.  Please register via this link to get started. Share the volunteer link and information to your connections. Thanks for lending a hand!

Some of our biggest needs right now are servers in the Beverage garden from 7-11:30 PM and volunteer community guides to ride the shuttles. Sound like FUN??? Fill out the form today (and tell a friend)

NOTE: Getting to and from RAGBRAI areas will be difficult due to the RAGBRAI Rider Route. Please check for updated traffic information about getting to your designated place to volunteer. The RAGBRAI map is available soon.


Help us roll out the red carpet for the riders. Place and remove signs, sell t-shirts, welcome riders, shake hands, distribute information, and share your hospitality! We’ll need volunteers from mid-morning through evening on the day of RAGBRAI and again the day after cheering on riders as they leave Fairfield.

Information Center

This is the primary resource for riders as they seek information. Distribute maps, answer questions, provide directions, and refer to services. We’ll need help setting up the Information Center the evening before, we’ll staff the booth all day and into the evening on the day of RAGBRAI and the morning after for a short time.

Additional Info:

  • Info center volunteers will be available to answer any questions the riders or the support vehicles may have. They may draw on their own experiences of the Fairfield and utilize the information handbook.
  • Be kind and courteous- if you don’t know the answer ASK!
Beverage Garden

Help sell tickets, serve beverages, and check identification for age-restricted areas. We’ll need help with setting up on Wednesday, staffing the beverage garden on Thursday, and clean up on Friday morning.

Additional Info:

  • Beverage Tent open 1 pm-11:30 pm
  • No Drinking during the shift.

Stake sites, direct riders and drivers in setting up, patrol campground boundaries, and transfer luggage. After riders leave, remove stakes and signage and do a general clean up of anything left in the campground areas.

Additional Info:

  • Duties will include directing riders to camping areas, trash, and recycling monitoring, information sharing for riders, restroom monitoring/restocking.
Ride Right

Will distribute posters throughout our community on bicycle safety during the months of May – July, will travel the route in advance of the event (4-5 days in advance) to distribute flyers and note of any roadway concerns, and will travel the route to the next overnight town on Sunday to pick up route markers and any other signage. Would like 6 volunteers in pairs of 2 that can help with this committee. Times will be scheduled with the chair and can be flexible.

Shuttle Guide

Answer questions, provide route maps, and refer to activities in Fairfield. Volunteers are stationed at bus stops and on the Fairfield buses.

General Set Up and Tear Down

Participate in setting up RAGBRAI Central the day before and tearing down and cleaning up the day after the event.


Set up and empty trash receptacles throughout the day, replace as necessary. Monitor fresh water availability for food vendors and grey water disposal from food vendor booths.


Over 15,000 riders will stay overnight in town. More than 1,500 are looking for private camping or home locations. Anyone in Fairfield area can help! You can offer parking for a motor home, yard area for tents, floor space, or beds. Hosts are not required to transport or feed riders and are not allowed to charge for accommodations. This is a terrific opportunity to meet people from across the United States.


Helps at shower locations for riders throughout Fairfield

Downtown Area Volunteers


Central Park Area Volunteers

Volunteer Check-in for Central Park Area Volunteers will be at the Info Center on the Northwest corner of the Square. Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before you scheduled shift to allow for parking and check-in.

Any Other Area Volunteers

Volunteer Check-in for Other Area Volunteers will be to report directly to the location.

**If you are volunteering on July 24 or July 26 for pre-event setting up or post-event activities, please check-in directly at the location.